Awareness Through Movement – The Feldenkrais Method® with Merav Israel

Feldenkrais These classes are suitable for everyone.

If you suffer from issues with your back, knees, shoulders, a general sense of lack of mobility and flexibility, and if you would like to develop a more comfortable and easy way of going through your daily activities – then these classes are for you.

The classes are also suitable for those of you with a physical profession: actors, dancers, performers, musicians, martial artists etc for improvement of performance and injuries prevention.

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Call for dancers

Choreographer Merav Israel is looking for dancers who are interested in joining her choreographic research.
You will need to be available on the afternoons of Monday-Wednesday 6th-8th July (roughly 2-5pm). We will learn some movement material developed in this research and play with variations. So fast learning of material, good sense of working in a group and in relation to space will be valuable. This is an opportunity to explore choreography with a group, get exposure and possible performance opportunity.
Dancers of any age, shape, gender etc are welcome to apply – the more diverse – the better.
Please send a note of interest to Merav:

Movement and Improvisation

Space to Move

with Merav Israel

WEDNESDAYS 5/2/14 – 26/2/14
18:00 – 20:00 !!!

A class that offers a way to connect, listen, pay attention and find the dance that is embodied in you and between us and the space.

This is a movement based class working on technique and composition.

In these classes Merav offers her long standing experience and approach of experiential anatomy, revealed through personal experience. Elements of time, space, body and group will be explored in creating a dance.

Open to anyone with interest in dance, performance, body/mind connection, and awareness development.

Drop in: £8
@ art’s complex, St. Margaret’s House, 151 London Road, Edinburgh eh7 6ae