we are dead weights
out of the soil
atoms colliding
awake and alive
breaking apart
sharing ancient blood
on a piece of earth among stars

I wish everybody could experience it.

Loved the sound of the stones, you made them talk, through you.


Site specific performance work investigating relationship to stones: timeless, powerful, inanimate, inorganic, unyielding, and yet responsive and changeable over time.

Includes installation of local stones and rocks, gravel and sand, video, soundscape and dance choreography. developed at old ambulance Depot with support from Creative Scotland (2011).

Director/choreographer: Merav Israel
Soundscape: Hamish Brown
Video: Merav Israel and Monika Smekot
Dancers: Rosalind Masson, Monika Smekot, Monica De Ioanni, Iraya Noble, Merav Israel

Contact us if you are interested in co-producing STONES / AVANIM with us.