Merav Israel

Performance maker, dancer, teacher, choreographer, somatic movement educator, Feldenkrais Method practitioner, artistic director of LaNua.

Co-founded LaNua in 2006 to create a home for the art of movement and performance from a perspective that allows study and research, examination of ideas, sharing and development of a personal and physical body of new discoveries and creativity.

Her work offers a place for training, study and creation.

With her holistic approach she combines physical explorations that contain awareness and understanding of movement with the spiritual and emotional aspects of ourselves.

She offers her interest in perception and communication as creative material for explorations.

She gets involved with visual, textual and digital materials either in collaboration with other artists or by making herself.
In her artistic approach she reaches to move back and forth between different artistic practices to enrich and enhance the movement and choreographic practice in variety of medium.

In her choreographic work the natural environment and the space around us play a significant role. She often uses the natural elements and creation of installed sculptural objects and explores space making and interaction in performance context.

Merav’s dance classes develop perception and awareness, working with somatic methods, to develop dance-ability and improvisational skills. She often offers creative workshops where participants are exposed to variety of medium and creative processes to make original work.

For information about Merav’s Feldenkrais Method classes and private lessons, go here.